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Detecting Alzheimers through the eyes

Detecting Alzheimers through the eyes

This isn’t food related, but I thought you might find it rather interesting.


Thank you for coming out August 1, 2013.

We had another eventful meeting for July.  This time Lesha made it out to meet everyone and share her experiences with healthy eating.  She told me later that she was very interested in learning more from the other members next meeting.

Unfortunately Brenda didn’t make it out.  I think we all missed her dedicated enthusiasm to eating healthy.

We tried sardines that Maureen made a special trip out for (this was nice of her since I had never tried them before).  Sardines are supposed to be soooooo good for you.  We had taste tests of rice pudding made with coconut sugar and coconut milk.  We had Black Bean Brownies that went over well, and a hemp seed salad that I think everyone liked.

I have invited a really nice couple that I know from Yoga at the Library.  They told me they would mark next months meeting on their calendar………….I think that’s a go………hm………er   I think so.

Oooops I forgot to read the label

My husband made a ginormous batch of chilli last night.  It was amazing too……perfect blends of spices and he used carrots which I thought tasted really good……so good that I went back for a second really large bowl later in the evening.   That night I was awake at one thirty and couldn’t get back to sleep even with a prescription sleep aid.  By 5 o’clock I decided to get dressed………….by 6 I decided to go back to sleep…..unsuccessfully.  I couldn’t imagine what was keeping me so wakeful until I decided to check out the labels of the beans I had brought out for the chilli.  One in particular was a bag of soup mix beans that I had encouraged my husband to “use up”.  When I looked at the label the first and primary ingredient was barley!

Black Bean Brownies

This recipe (with a few changes) came from

Ingredients:                                                         Preheat to 350 degrees F

15 oz   black beans  (Eden Organic is BPA free)

3        large eggs

1/3 c    coconut oil (room temp)

2 Tbs   chia seed

1/4 c    raw cocoa powder

1/2 c    coconut sugar

1/2 c    semi sweet dark chocolate chips

Blend first 6 ingredients in a food processor

until smooth.  Add chocolate chips.  Transfer

to a greased 8″ pan and bake for 30 minutes.

Cool before icing.

Avocado Icing

1            avocado

1/4 cup    organic honey

1/4 cup    cocoa powder

I use a large size measuring cup to mix the ingredients with a high speed hand blender.  The sides are high enough to keep splatters in.    Spread on cooled brownies and refrigerate.