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▶ Ginger: An Extraordinary Spice to Combat Heart Disease – YouTube

▶ Ginger: An Extraordinary Spice to Combat Heart Disease – YouTube.


The Gluten Summit

If you are interested in learning more about gluten,  “A Grain of Truth”  is a free summit you can watch on line.  I am familiar with Dr. Tom O’Bryan  talks through Underground wellness.   I just watched one of the free Food Con video’s from Underground Wellness which lead me to Dr. Tom’s  Summit site to sign up.

Battle of the bulge: US food corporations fueling obesity epidemic with addictive ingredients — RT USA

You may be be aware of what is happening in the US as far as the obesity  epidemic , but this video also tells us how other countries are becoming serious with their marketing regulations. ………………..interesting.

Our Minister of health is Deb Matthews by the way.  You may have to cut and paste this one.

Thank you for coming out October 3rd.

It was really nice to get together with everyone again and compare notes on health eating.  I was really happy to hear that Lois was able to pound through “Gut and Psychology” as well as Martin………….impressive!  I am trying to get my hands on “Why is my brain not working” by Dr. K………….I think I, for one, could use it………

We tried Maureen’s sardine dip and it went over really well, as well as Cindy’s squares……….yum!  Lois shared herbs from her garden.  Forgive me if I’ve left out other noteworthy items; I’m getting behind in my entries.