Our Next Feeling Groovy Meeting is on Monday April 6th.

Hello everyone, April is fast approaching and I am hoping to get together with all of you to discuss health topics and also learn a little bit about what vegetables would be the best choices for my garden this year.  It would also be great to hear about the different forms of preserving vegetables if anyone has experience in that area. For anyone who is interested in my recent analysis, I have a chart of what I should take and what I must avoid as far as supplements, I am happy to share these for discussion. I look forward to our next meeting and hope that everyone will be able to attend. JERF, (Just Eat Real Food) Jackie


4 thoughts on “Our Next Feeling Groovy Meeting is on Monday April 6th.

  1. Hi Jackie April6 is Easter Monday and we will be at the cottage. We will be just getting home. Any chance for the following Monday?


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  2. Hi Ellen, I’m sorry to hear that you can not make it to the meeting. The following Monday works for a walk! Would you and Richard care to go with Richard and me through the park? We can recap the discussion topics then. Anyone who is interested please respond and we’ll make it a group.

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